A simple program made with Godot and written in GDScript to help varying your playstyle. With weapon, armor, spell and even backstory randomizer!


Secondary Weapon: Pulls from the same list as Primary Weapons (which includes every hand item except for shields). Use this if you want two main options of combat.

Ranged/Catalyst: Gives you a random ranged weapon or catalyst of any magic kind. This includes bows, crossbows, catalysts, talismans and pyromancy flame.

Shield: Gives you a random shield.

Covenant: Gives you a random covenant. You are guaranteed to get Blades of the Darkmoon or Forest Hunter if you get one one of their associated rings.

Upgrade Path: Picks a random weapon upgrade path for you. Dragon, Unique and Boss weapon upgrades are not included since you can't really choose.

Item Hotbar: Picks five random items for your hotbar. Only consumables, throwables and some multiplayer items are included. No soul items. Forced Estus: If Item Hotbar is checked, it guarantees that Item 1 is going to be an Estus Flask. Recomended unless you don't want to cure yourself.

Only Include Melee Primary Weapons: Excludes bows, crossbows, catalysts, talismans and pyromancy flame from the Priamry Weapon list. Only Include Melee Secondary Weapons: Excludes bows, crossbows, catalysts, talismans and pyromancy flame from the Secondary Weapon list.

Include Broken Sword/Shield: Includes "Straight Sword Hilt", "Broken Straight Sword", "Cracked Round Shield" and "Plank Shield" from their respective lists. Otherwise, they are excluded.

Number of Spells: Select the number of random spells that you are given. Type of magic is now taken into account. (Up to 10)


· As for this browser version, I should optimize it for mobile users.

· Being able to save and load your build or save it as a text file.

· Being able to select the type of magic you want, or that the spells stick to only one randomized type.

· Automatically calculating the skill points you need for every item or spell. Kinda like MugenMonkey but better.

· Improving the UI and the user experience.

· Include way more backstories for characters.

· Make the .pck unnecesary to run the app. It is needed now because RCEDIT won't let me have an icon without it.

· Add pictures of the weapons, spells, etc whenever picked.

· Add the ability to choose individually what you want randomized.

· The code is a mess, it's more than 3500 lines and I'm sure it can be better. I might try to clean it up and make it more efficient, but for now I'm happy because it's the first piece of software that I wrote all by myself, and then finish and distribute.

· Anything else that people might suggest, although I'm not planning on working too much on this project, so feel free to modify it as you want it too. This tool is open source, so check the github page if you want: https://github.com/danterockman/Dark-Souls-Character-Generator

Thanks so much for reading and using DSCG!

Install instructions


  1. Make sure that the .exe and the .pck files are on the same folder.
  2. Run DSCG.exe
  3. While on the program, you just need to check the options you want and click "Randomize".
  4. You can also get a random backstory with the "Generate Backstory" button, although there are only ten right now.


DSCG.rar 10 MB
DSCG-SourceCode.rar 164 kB

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